It’s easy to rediscover part of yourself, but through art you can be shown part of yourself you never knew existed.
— Bill Evans

A native of the California Bay Area, Jessica was originally a classically trained pianist at an early age. Throughout her teenage years, she experimented with several different genres and instruments before she picked up the tenor saxophone. She pursued a jazz emphasis mid-way through high school and continued experimenting with related styles from there . From Jazz to Soul to Fusion to R&B, Jessica's versatility appeals to a wide range of musical tastes.

Coming to Austin for educational pursuits, Jessica is currently pursuing her degree in Cell & Molecular Biology at the University of Texas at Austin, while actively involving herself in the school's jazz program as well as the Austin music scene.








Jessica has gone on to tour the U.S. and Europe, performing at various jazz festivals including the North Sea Jazz Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival. In addition, she has performed along esteemed artists such as Cyrus Chestnut, Bob Sheppard, and Conrad Herwig

Jessica currently performs regularly in various groups including Boss Street Brass Band, The Blondell Quintet, and The Empire in the Austin area.